We shall fight for plastic free beaches & seas, we shall fight for fertile & toxic free grounds, we shall fight for our fields and streets, we shall fight for our hills & forests; we shall never surrender, and if, which I do not for a moment believe, this planet or a large part of it were subjugated and dying, then our united people beyond the seas, armed and guarded with common sense, would carry on the struggle, until, in good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.

Sign the Petition


Sign the petition to end the biomass installations as governments all over the world have plans to massively increase the burning of biomass. We recieved more then 3000 signatures to close the biomass plants in the Netherlands but we really need yours too.

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E-mail Campaigns

Send an e-mail to the politicians in the Netherlands. They will decide in the coming month how to procede with the opening of new biomass plants. We have already recieved 6000 revocation requests within 3 weeks for biomass plant permits but we need 40.000 requests to put our request on the national political agenda.

EDSP ECO Donation

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Donate to Support Us

Support our legal actions to fight permits for biomass installations and politicians who are willingly destroying lives & our earth in favor of billion dollar companies. Every penny you donate will be commited directly to our fight against the burning of biomass and the prosecution of politicians who are responsible.

EDSP ECO Become our Patreon

Become our Patreon

EDSP ECO on Patreon

EDSP ECO creates an environment to support organizations globally that are responsible for actions to protect the planet, end poverty or grow prosperity. We offer support in the form of building websites, doing extensive research, offering digital campaigns, connecting involved parties and giving public speeches and interviews and consulting on or building ecofriendly solutions. Besides all that we actively target politicians and companies who are responsible for pollution and climate change. Check us out & support us on Patreon. Thanks in advance!

EDSP ECO Legal Action

Support our Legal Actions

EDSP ECO Legal Actions

EDSP ECO is actively targetting companies and politicians responsible for the massive amount of people becoming ill or dying, trees being massacred, and subsidies being wasted.

Besides the legal actions we start & support many social media actions, email campaigns & petitions and we create media content and an ecotoxic company and person register.

Join our Team


Would you like to join our team and help us fight against the burning of biomass & the massacre of trees? We have several actions you could help out with:

  1. Help us think of ways to get more signatures on the petitions
  2. Carry out the plans to collect more signatures
  3. We have recieved emails from people that want to be on our mailing list for our news letter. We need to put all the contact information in an address list
  4. Help us by writing articles for the news letter (English/Dutch)
  5. Read & analyze reports about biomass
  6. Write letters and e-mail templates to banks and energy companies who use biomass
  7. Find all email addresses of energy providers that use biomass
  8. Write articles about politicians or companies that support biomass burning on our Biomass Murderers Exposed page
  9. Perform interviews by telephone with people involved with biomass burning
  10. Share our articles and website on facebook, twitter and instagram